What Are The Main Features Of Arcnes? 🤔

3 min readSep 17, 2022

GM, Arcnes Nation! Welcome to all the degens and degenets right here 😎

Luart is now Arcnes.

We are on a mission to bring a comprehensive ecosystem of crypto products & services to a decentralized world.

Scroll down & check what we are working on right now:

The Arcnes Ecosystem 🌐

At the high level, we can divide the features of the upcoming Arcnes platform into two groups.

“Why is that, sirs?”

We will become the entity combining the B2B and B2C blockchain gaming & NFT market participants. Arcnes is a blockchain bridge for the gaming industry.

For the true NFT Degens, crypto enthusiasts, active minters and art collectors, Arcnes prepared:

The Arcnes Marketplace: A boosted multichain Marketplace with extra features, where you can easily, fastly and securely trade your favourite PFPs or gaming NFTs.

Arcnes Launchpad: On Arcnes, crypto projects will be able to launch their Initial NFT Offerings or Initial Game Offerings. Moreover, the launchpad allows Arcnes Community to invest in early-stage companies. We connect investors with emerging projects, bringing them the know-how, full-tech support, and advisory.

(long-story-short: top investment deals are coming soon! We will focus mainly on IGOs & INOs)

“And what about the B2B sector?”

We got you.

For all the Web3 Projects, Ambitious Founders, or Web2 Games & Gaming Studios, the Arcnes team is preparing:

Arcnes Grants: As we believe in web3 values, Arcnes wants to support top blockchain-gaming (and other) projects with the most intuitive products by allocating the Arcnes Grants. It also means that the best investment deals will land in front of the Arcnes Nation via launchpad.

Arcnes SDK: As you probably know, the blockchain industry is still a very tech sector. 99% of non-crypto degens do not get it. However, when they see the broad spectrum of web3 opportunities, they want to join — but they don’t know how. An SDK will be a ready-to-use & easy to integrate with Unity and other popular engines batch of smart contracts. It’s coming in Q2 2023.

Horizon by Arcnes: If you have been with us since the times of Luart, you must know that Arcnes is a team of crypto passionate that worked with the biggest tech projects in the world. Now, we are giving our know-how by creating an all-in-one hub for crypto projects in need, helping them to develop safely. To make things clear: Horizon is a dedicated incubator for prominent companies, providing support — from inventing the concept to the final launch.

Arcnes Studio: We strive to take mobile arcade web2 games to the web3 space. The future of gaming is connected to mobile phones. Arcnes Studio will help web2 games to integrate with blockchain and web3 games to implement the crypto tech stack successfully.

Not only that, but we will also expand into the multichain world. Our goal is to provide a solution enabling Arcnes users to transfer funds between EVM & non-EVM chains without leaving the tab. Boom!

Bottom Line 📌

Thanks for your time! Here’s what the roadmap for upcoming weeks looks like:

  • September 23th -> The first chain announcement
  • September 30th -> Announcing the rebranding plan

Fasten the seatbelts!

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