Say Hello to Arcplay, the most entertaining web3 cloud gaming platform

3 min readMar 15, 2023

GM everyone! Welcome to all the degens and degenets! 🦾

We are really happy to announce that after several months of intense in-house concept iterations, vision forging, and product analysis, Arcplay is coming to life.

😍😍 Hello World! 🔭✈️

Arcplay: The Future of Gaming Has Arrived

The gaming industry is a multi-billion dollar market, with an ever-growing demand for blockchain-based games that offer players a new level of ownership and control over their virtual assets.

What distinguishes the web3 game market is that its expansion is still in its early stages. This gives both developers and investors the opportunity to flourish, grow and invest.

Now, more clearly than ever, the opportunity to create a new standard emerges.

So, what Arcplay really is? Will our product set a new trend?

Arcplay is a community-driven, gamers-led hub connecting investors, players, and developers.

It is a vibrant and engaging ecosystem for players to discover and play new games, connect with others, and access their games from anywhere.

A platform for players to:

  • Discover new games
  • Engage, compete and cooperate within the community, form friendships with like-minded people
  • Access your games in the browser and remotely, or even play your games in the Cloud
  • Compete for exclusive content, assets, and other rewards in your favorite game

A platform for game developers to:

  • Gain exposure for your game
  • Alpha/Beta test your game for free with players of our community
  • Conduct a fundraiser with Arcplay’s connections in web3 world
  • Utilize G.A.M.E. (Game asset Management System) for your players
  • Get guidance and support in defining and implementing of any type of tokenomics to the game
  • Enable remote play, or cloud access to your game with Arcplay’s support

A platform for investors to:

  • Get early access
  • Get WL spots to the newest collections
  • Invest in promising game titles at the earliest stage possible

A magical combination of SocialFi and cloud gaming, ain’t that sweet?

What we already achieved, plans & goals

Here’s what happened in 2023 and what we are planning to deliver.


The team got a breath of fresh air, as most of the crucial roles are now held by new team members — we are more than happy to introduce everyone to the community on the upcoming AMA next week (date & time will be posted on socials.)

We forged a new vision of a product that scales and grows easily, and with scale unleashes its full potential.

Marketplace and launchpad are developed and waiting to play their role in Arcplay’s ecosystem.


During these two quarters Arcplay will put emphasis on Business Development, Marketing and 1st Arcplay-incubated game launch.

Our goals are to have at least 50 game partners before the end of the year, that will integrate with the Arcplay ecosystem.

Several partnerships with game dev studios and games are already lined up! Stay tuned for updates on socials!

We are also going to:

  • conduct 1st closed fundraiser
  • Deploy token smart contract
  • Integrate with one of the most anticipated chains in 2023 (stay tuned for more info ;))
  • Develop smart contracts for Arcplay platform
  • Establish ecosystem incubator programs


This quarter is action time! To maintain focus, we will follow these steps:

  • MVP Launch
  • Public fundraiser
  • Token Generation Event
  • Product launch with over 50 game partners onboard

As you can see, we are going to deliver an exciting platform, that might change the paradigm of gaming. We did not forget about old Luart investors though, as we will provide tangible benefits on our platform, once our product is released.

While we do all of the above for you guys, you can pay attention to Arcplay socials on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram. You can expect lots of updates on Product & Business Development milestones, stay tuned for more information!

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