Official Luart Statement Regarding TerraAliens NFT

2 min readApr 29, 2022


Decision Regarding TerraAliens

Regarding Terra Aliens, due to the circumstances that occurred yesterday, TerraAliens mint will be decided by the community.

Tomorrow, Luart will publish a DAO vote to decide whether or not TerraAliens should launch on the Luart Launchpad.

The link to the proposal will be shared sometime tomorrow, April 30th, and holders and stakers of $LUART can vote on the proposal.

Why a DAO vote?

There have been many questions regarding Barry’s employment with Luart and TA in recent days. It’s been publicly stated and disclosed by Barry that he works for Luart still and is a contracted Art Designer at TA. See below:

TA also admittedly made a conducted a manipulated giveaway and manually chose a winner from a recent HellHound giveaway.

See their response below:

Their solution was to re-do the giveaway selection and randomly pick a new winner through twitterpicker. See below:

We want to take a neutral stance on the decision whether or not TA launches with Luart. We’ve laid out the issues at hand and provide details into why community members are turning an eye to the project. So, we are leaving it up to the community to decide if they want TerraAliens NFT to launch on the Luart Launchpad.

— The Luart Team