Meet Our CEO — Szymon Przybylski

2 min readDec 2, 2021


“My ultimate goal in life is to have everyone hooked up to the metaverse”

Szymon first started out with microprojects when he was just thirteen years old! Building and maintaining one of the largest Minecraft servers in Europe. This was when he first found the spark to ignite his passion for video games.

Fast forward to 2017, it was the height of the last bull market and there were many great projects building on Ethereum and great things happening in crypto as a whole. Szymon’s first crypto venture was a mining company for Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. Then in 2018–2019, working as a fullstack developer and founder, he built a SaaS and an ECommerce company, both of which he ended up selling to work in crypto full-time.

In December 2020, this was when Szymon discovered LUNA. He immediately fell in love with the network, the technology, and of course, the community behind it all. He wanted to give back to the community and contribute to the ever-expanding Terraverse.

He wanted to build something that gave consistent utility to NFTs. His first idea was to make an Amazon for NFTs, where users could redeem an NFT for a real-world item. It was a great idea, but there were too many issues regarding legality for it to be feasible. Eventually, this initial principle and his first idea evolved into the idea for a gamified NFT marketplace. Szymon wanted to fuse his love of video games and passion for crypto to make a platform that could satisfy a growing concern amongst NFTs, which was the lack of utility in the space. This eventually would become what you see here today, Luart.

Now, the team has grown to almost 20 people from around the world, working day and night to make the vision of Luart come to life. In one year, Szymon sees Luart becoming a bridge between existing NFTs, gaming, and the metaverse. His ultimate dream is to eventually see everyone hooked up to the metaverse and with his drive, diligence, and vision — it’s a no-brainer.

Fun Facts About Szymon:

  • His favorite game is CS:GO and he’s played +3,000 hours so far!
  • His MBTI is ESTP-A
  • He’s a Sagittarius
  • His favorite NFTs are CyberKongz and CryptoPunks

To learn more about Szymon and stay up to date with him be sure to follow him on Twitter @imprzybylski!

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