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3 min readApr 18, 2022

Luna Wardens

Welcome back explorers to this edition of Get to Know. This time we will take a look a the upcoming NFT project the Luna Wardens. Luna Wardens is a 3d NFT project with a vast amount of experience and uniqueness behind it. The team behind Luna Wardens believes in setting low expectations but blowing them out of the water. Hard to believe expectations are low with the rich lore and detailed artwork. We will dive a bit into their Lore, the team, utility and the roadmap they have ahead. As always, put your helmets on and let's jump in.


Luna Wardens tells the story of the peaceful harmonious people, the Lunarians, who travel through the galaxies nurturing and caring for different ecosystems. Sickness broke out in a distant realm and the disease is starting to spread rampantly across the galaxies. The Lunarians took it upon themselves to get rid of the sickness. They called upon their gods to bestow them with weapons, magic, powers, and wisdom in order to protect the galaxy.

The Luna Wardens are classed into 12 different factions. Each faction comes with its’ own unique lore and design. The factions are as follows: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. If you would like to learn more about each factions’ story and design, feel free to jump into their discord to learn more.

Luna Bull Collaboration

Team & Utility

As mentioned before the team behind Luna Wardens has experience in 3d character design and launching NFT projects in the past. First of all the artist behind the Luna Wardens, Walter Torezan Jr, worked on the successful NFT project ThorGuards. Alongside, Davor, both of them worked on the ThorGuards NFT project based on ETH built on the THORChain ecosystem. Then they have Wizard, a co-founder and Project Manager, who has experience with MedChain and has advised multiple NFT projects. Also, Thorn, Xora, TheJordude, vRaBBiTw all have a wealth of experience in and out of the NFT space.

At its’ core Luna Wardens is an art and community-first project and utility will follow that. There are rough plans to have merch released, collection airdrops, in-person events, and more. They will also create a DAO and have a treasury for Luna Warden holders. With the project being community-driven, other possibilities are open for discussion.

Monkey Faction


Let’s now take a look at what the Luna Wardens have planned for the year 2022. At this point, the roadmap has reached to point of opening the discord to the public. What follows is:

Pre Mint

  • Continue building partnerships.
  • Community events.
  • Lore release.
  • The mint.

Post Mint

  • Merch drop.
  • Warden DAO.
  • Community treasury staked in Anchor.
  • NFT community launchpad
  • In-person Luna Wardens hangouts (EDC, Poker in Vegas and more)
  • 3D short animations (1 for each faction)
  • Airdrop of Ascension material.
  • Wardens ascend.
  • Integration into play to earn game.
Snake Faction

Luna Wardens are here to protect the galaxies from any type of threat that may appear. With their extensive lore and artistic choice, Luna Wardens can be a truly unique NFT project. To keep up to date on mint details and any other developments, give them a follow and join their socials. Until the next one Explorers.

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