From Physical to Digital: How Gods Unchained is Transforming Trading Card Games

4 min readApr 6, 2023


Gods Unchained, the innovative trading card game (TCG) that has taken the gaming world by storm, is the subject of this article. Gods Unchained has accumulated over 450,000 registered players and collectors since its beta launch in 2018, generating over $10 million USD in revenue and over $23 million USD in player-to-player trades. With a dedicated team and the incorporation of blockchain technology, Gods Unchained has made Play to Earn gaming accessible to mainstream gamers.

Gods Unchained is distinguished by its emphasis on Play to acquire, a model that enables players to acquire real-world money or useful assets simply by playing the game. By employing non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and virtual currency tokens, Gods Unchained creates a gaming environment in which players can own, trade, and earn rewards for their efforts.

The $GODS token is the foundation of the Play to Earn economy in Gods Unchained, allowing players to earn, spend, and trade tokens in a rewarding and sustainable manner. Gods Unchained employs the Games as a Service business model, providing a free-to-play game with optional, non-essential monetized content and features.

The majority of in-game purchases consist of NFT card sales, which comprise expansion sets that introduce new content and keep the game fresh and thrilling. Expansion sets comprise of non-fungible token cards (ERC-721 tokens) found in card packs and chests (ERC-20 tokens) that can be used within the game or traded externally. With a limited quantity of NFTs in each expansion set, scarcity is introduced, increasing the value of these cards.

In addition, Gods Unchained will impose a royalty charge on all transactions conducted in any Immutable X-powered marketplace. Royalty revenue will increase in tandem with the expansion of the commercial economy.

Gods Unchained is poised for expansion, with a number of forthcoming catalysts:

  • Scalability: Gods Unchained employs Immutable X technology, which enables mainstream scalability and gas-free transactions, resulting in a superior user experience in comparison to other Ethereum-based solutions.
  • Ownership and Retention: NFT gaming can substantially improve retention rates, encouraging players to return and advocate for the platform.
  • Mobile Expansion: The release of Gods Unchained on mobile devices will increase accessibility, thereby attracting a larger audience for NFT gaming.
  • Research indicates that Play to Earn games can achieve reduced acquisition costs compared to conventional games, giving Gods Unchained a distinct advantage.
  • Gods Unchained will invest in new growth loops, such as influencer partnerships, viral referral loops, and engagement features, to drive growth even further.

$GODS Token-Driven Growth: The distribution of $GODS tokens to players and ecosystem participants will align incentives, recompense players, and provide governance.

The $GODS token is intended to be the primary currency in Gods Unchained, used for crafting non-fungible tokens (NFTs), making in-game purchases, and facilitating user participation through governance voting. The tokens will be disseminated as rewards for quests, matches, and active staking, incentivizing players to continue playing the game.

Total $GODS token supply is limited at 500 million, with allocations for Play to Earn rewards, Gods Unchained reserves, community and ecosystem funds, community allocation, token foundation, and token sale. These allocations guarantee the long-term viability of the game’s economy and encourage sustained player participation.

Gods Unchained incorporates blockchain technology and Play to Earn gaming models to create an immersive and rewarding experience for players. With the use of non-fungible tokens and virtual currency tokens, Gods Unchained enables players to acquire, trade, and earn rewards for their efforts. The scalability, ownership, and retention of the game, as well as its mobile expansion, competitive user acquisition, compounding growth cycles, and $GODS token-driven growth, all contribute to its meteoric rise in popularity.

As Gods Unchained evolves, its team remains committed to providing a seamless user experience and reaching new platforms and audiences. The future of TCGs has arrived, and Gods Unchained is at the forefront, providing a view of the potential of NFT gaming and the innovative ways it will transform the gaming industry as a whole.