Dimensionals: The Beginning of a New Era of Multiverse Gaming

3 min readMar 23, 2023


Imagine a gaming universe that is so big, so intricate, and so profoundly engrossing that it not only exceeds our present knowledge of games, but also shatters the entire fabric of reality. Dimensionals is the breakthrough creation of Mino’s forward-thinking developers. This cutting-edge RPG (role-playing game) will revolutionize the gaming industry with its multiverse-spanning plot, complicated gameplay, and breathtaking visuals. In this post, I will examine the complexities of this innovative endeavor and its possible impact on the gaming industry.

The Genesis Dimensional Stones, ancient treasures with boundless power that can affect the course of the multiverse, are central to the plot of Dimensionals. These stones, which were formed by unknown forces, have lain dormant for millennia, concealed under the bowels of innumerable civilizations throughout the cosmos. The stones have the ability to change ordinary beings into Dimensionals, heroes selected to save the multiverse from approaching destruction.

The notion of the Genesis Dimensional Stones provides a captivating setting for the game, with the possibility for both epic conflicts and captivating narratives. As they continue through the game, players will have the opportunity to reveal the secrets of the stones, so influencing the course of the multiverse.

Nevertheless, activating a Genesis Dimensional Stone carries its own risks. As players reawaken the power of these stones, they will accidentally attract the attention of a malicious entity, a corruption that threatens to unravel the entire fabric of the multiverse. Players must not only harness the power of the stones, but also defend them against the powers of evil.

The Genesis Dimensional Stone concept is one of the most intriguing parts of the Dimensionals game. As part of the game’s launch, a limited number of these potent relics will be minted, granting holders access to a variety of exclusive benefits, including automatic whitelist access for all free mint collections, early access to game content and alpha testing, and special access to a Discord channel reserved for holders.

This unique approach to game development has the potential to usher in a new era of collaborative gaming, in which players are not only active contributors to the development of the game but also invested in its success. By providing these unique rewards, the makers of Dimensionals are establishing a sense of community that will definitely add to the durability and success of the game.

The Genesis Dimensional Stones are scheduled to be minted on March 8, with a total of 791 stones available to the public. Among these, a single Mythic stone will be made available, giving an additional sense of intrigue and rarity.

Dimensionals is ready to shake up the gaming industry with its revolutionary approach to game design and grandiose, multiverse-spanning plot. By merging cutting-edge technology and a novel minting technique for the Genesis Dimensional Stones, the developers of this game are pushing the limits of the gaming industry. As the debut date approaches, it will be intriguing to observe the reaction of players and the gaming community at large to this innovative concept. Unquestionably, Dimensionals will be an outstanding experience that will leave a lasting impression on the gaming industry.